Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise 2019 – Work, Learn, Relax with 100 entrepreneurs on a cruise ship

Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise
from Europe to the Caribbean

with 100 like-minded   Entrepreneurs & Business Owners 

Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure
for Entrepreneurs

21 November 2019 - 8 December 2019

Theme of the Cruise is BRILLIANCE

You know:

This journey is an experience. 

We provide a 2-day conference on board, daily workshops, mastermind rounds, network and presentations.

But ...

fasten your seatbelt.
This trip is your catapult to another future. 

This will be so much more than being on a ship. 
This is not an ordinary trip. 

This is life changing!

Imagine yourself surrounded by 100 like-minded online entrepreneurs on a stress-free cruise, with sumptuous food and the relaxing private space of your exclusive balcony cabin.

Together we will experience incredible new destinations, learn and share new skills and make life-long friendships. Come with us as we cruise the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean without a worry in sight.  

We will be sailing on the MSC Preziosa, a new vessel with everything we need to relax and to work.  

Take away memories of the sunsets, the sea wind in your hair, the fantastic people around you, the quality of the food, the deep relaxation, the fun, the conversations and connections and the moon glistening on the water. 
Take away a memory that will last a lifetime.


Check the 3 C's


An all-inclusive workation aboard a cruise ship. Work should always be so nice! Let's mastermind. 

cruise mastermind

All meals are included. And there always is a chair to work, to mastermind, to read or to relax. 


Learn from and lean into a network of global entrepreneurs. Be open minded. 

My first crossing was with the Nomad Cruise. They inspired me to organize this cruise for mature entrepreneurs. 


Connect with like-minded people and make friends for life with those who shared your incredible journey.

Find your peers, explore the islands, enjoy the Caribbean to the max. Surround yourself with the best.  

Are you the right person for this powerful journey across the sea?

  • Do you crave for real time and attention for yourself and your business; can you remember a time that you could work for days in a row, building your business? Uninterrupted by mails, phone calls, family, kids, Facebook? No, me neither. 
  • Ship
    Do you want to be surrounded day and night by entrepreneurs who understand what you are trying to achieve in your business and more importantly, why you are trying to achieve it? “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most” – Create a supportive network of extremely cool people who will not only lift you higher, but also lift you far beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself.  
  • Do you need a mindset shift? As a business owner you need money flowing into your business. Did you know you can unconsciously block yourself from receiving money? But you can also become a money magnet when you know how and we will work together to make you the best money magnet there is.  
  • Do you lack the freedom you dreamed of when you started as entrepreneur? We know. We've all been there. Working hard, being fully booked, good money coming in, but feeling totally worn out. The cruise will bring you back to your real you. Who are you without all that hard work? We want to discover that. 

The Why of this journey

Most of us grew up with the ‘you can’t have it all’ mentality. And as a girl or woman, this mindset is even worse.


I remember some defining moments in my youth. When I turned 10 years old I wanted a go-kart for my birthday. My 2 older nephews had one, and we used it in the woods, to slide down the small hills and sandy paths. I loved it! I didn’t get the go-kart. Because: that was for boys. I asked for it, but never got it.


I remember a day in high school, just turned 15 years old. Our class was split up in 2. The boys went to the cool part of the school, the classroom where you can do the woodwork, the welding, the sawing, the hammering. You know cool stuff. The girls were sent to the needlework classroom, for stitching, knitting, crochet. You know the less cool stuff. There was 1 other girl, red-haired, who disagreed with this school decision based on our genders. We did not accept it and went to the principal’s office and complained. The week after we joined the boys in their cool classroom and left the girls with their needlework. This felt like a victory.


I remember a day in my first real fulltime job. I had been working there for at least a whole year when the company merged. That meant new salaries and new job titles. That day I found out that all men had higher salaries than the women. I was shocked.

All life events proved to me that women have to fight harder. And I did. Not on a political level, but on a more practical level. Just walking the talk and stepping up to become a role model.

It is my dream to surround myself with 1500 Freedom Entrepreneurs, embarking our ‘own’ cruise ship. Sailing the ocean, enjoying life, talking about our businesses, our life journeys, about growth, about our legacy.  

The 2019 cruise is the start of something bigger. We will start with 100 action taking entrepreneurs. They can feel the vibe of this amazing experience and will probably book again next year. People will start talking about it, FOMO will kick in and next thing you know: all cabins are filled. Filled with entrepreneurs who want to have an impact on the world. Who want to become millionaires. Who take their responsibility. 80% of them are female entrepreneurs. I am on a mission to give more women access to more money. Changing the world costs money. 

Are you with me on this mission?

Are you with me on this cruise?

Then, let’s do this together!

We can have it all!

Be prepared for an experience:

“The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise was MAGICAL!”


I loved the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise!The moment you enter the ship you feel different. It was like coming home, feeling supported and light. To really have time for YOU, be offline and make the inner journey. After this trip I had new friends, new insights and so many beautiful memories. It was unforgettable ... it was MAGICAL!

Kiki van der Harst (Ki-ki Resilience Expert)

“The combination of work and travel stole my heart”


Leaving your familiar surroundings gets you into motion. During the cruise I really learned to think big and not working in your business but on your business. The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is amazing!

Esther Vree (Visual Marketeer - Your Social Eye)

Click here for the amazing itinerary


Single Balcony cabin

A balcony cabin, single occupancy


per person (ex VAT)

  • A Good BALCONY cabin 
  • Access to the CONFERENCE@SEA and all workshops and all materials
  • All meals are included
  • No sharing of the cabin
  • Only 25 21 15 cabins available

So, what do you walk away with?

We all know that you have an inner brilliance, a unique talent that only you can give the world. It is your job to fully embrace that inner brilliance and give it to the world and your clients. 

We all know that we are holding ourselves back. 

I know I was. 

I suffered from the Crime of Outshining. At a very young age I learned not to be better than my siblings or my family. I adapted and acted normal. 

How about you? 

Are you done with playing small? 


You will get tools and a guide to claim your Inner Brilliance.  There will be exercises, breakthroughs, mastermind-sessions all to unleash the best version of yourself. You will crush your limiting beliefs and we want you to be unstoppable. 


You will be guided to a congruent Outer Brilliance. Once you know what your why is, who you serve, what your values are and what your uniqueness is, you want to show it to world. You will develop a Personal Brand fitting your personality, you will create visual story-boards, a content strategy


We start the journey in our own Facebook group. In October 2018 the brand new Facebook group will open up. This is your spot to get excited, make new friends, talk about logistics, think about excursions, get introduced to a whole new netwerk. This is where the excitement starts to build. 

In this group we will do regular live Q&A's about the preparation for this cruise, what to wear, what to do on the Caribbean islands, what to eat, how to stay fit, and so much more. The guest speakers will also introduce themselves there.


17 Nights and 18 days on a magnificent cruise ship. You can call it a workation, a business trip, masterminding @ sea, the good work. Whatever you call it, it will give you clarity for your future, a fresh insight in your strategy, relaxation, a good feeling and a hell of an experience! 

We are not a travel agency. We organise this retreat to give you a break from your busy life. We do absolutely everything possible to make this the most unforgettable experience of your life. It’s important to read all the other details about travel, insurance, flights, etcetera.


Life never has been better. Work and relax at the same time. Being surrounded by the best entrepreneurs you can think of. 

I have grown from a normal quintessential Dutch woman to a Freedom Entrepreneur who travels the world. I built a freedom business while raising 3 beautiful children and having an Icelandic horse to train. I managed and I want to inspire you to do the same!

Jeanet Bathoorn

What do others say about previous cruises? 

“I have chosen 100% for my life and my business”


This cruise was really life changing.I had big plans with my company when I made the decision to join the cruise, but life had other plans for me! I have been an entrepreneur from 2014 and I always was busy with my clients and my family. I never had any time for ME! So when Jeanet came with this Freedom Entrepreneur cruise my heart said YES! But also HOW? Well, I just did it and I never EVER will regret it! My body told me I should take a rest and the calming motion of the sea showed my inner peace. The conclusion was that I had to make BIG decisions in my life. Now I am happily divorced and live a good life with my daughter. I have chosen for 100% in my life and business!

Francis Keek (Online Training Expert)

“It is exactly that!”


The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is exactly that: Freedom, Entrepreneurship and cruising! What a fantastic way of working, learning ánd being free. Freedom is useless unless you can feel it. Being surrounded by water, by other entrepreneurs, by beauty, by luxury and knowing that you don't have to do anything, gives you the opportunity to really dream, write, brainstorm and daydream. Closing the day with a cocktail, or walking on the decks and see the sun go down. Magical!

Lou Niestadt (Founder of the Wild and Free Society)




100% Time for you and your business

You are sure to experience something you've never experienced before. 

Deep relaxation. Able to work, read, write, sleep, eat. 

You are very welcome to join us! 

Jeanet Bathoorn
and  The  Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise team

How do we take care of you?

Dedicated Room

During the cruise, we aim to have our own, dedicated conference room. The place where you can meet all other Freedom Entrepreneurs, where you can find the schedule, the place where all the keynotes and the Mastermind-rounds are.


We will have a team of assistants with us. They will know all about the speakers, workshops, excursions, dinner, doctor, everything. You will be introduced to them on the first day so that you will know where to go to if you need help or have questions.


No one is left behind! We are an inclusive community. Therefore we will emphasize taking care of each other. Have dinner together, invite others to your Mastermind-rounds and speak English all the time you are in the group. Speaking German, Dutch, Swiss, Austrian, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian or whatever language is reserved for more private places, like in your cabin or in private conversations.

Talk trigger

All cruise participants will receive their own unique Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise wristband and lanyard. We advise you to wear them visible at all times. This is your talk trigger, your icebreaker, to meet other people from the group.

Feel the crossing

During the crossing, some people will feel the enormous power of the ocean. They can feel deserted, alone, disoriented. That is because they are cut off from their normal surroundings, there is hardly any wifi and all of a sudden they have so much time to fill. We are aware of this process. Although we are not qualified psychologists we are there to support them. We do not let them struggle on their own. If you notice someone having a hard time: go up to them and offer your help. Please, let us know as well.


If you need a special diet, please inform the team up front. We will inform the cruise company so that you will get the special food every day. Cruises are extremely client-oriented, so we expect that the special food is good as well.


We plan to arrange group-excursions because we believe that it is important to build our relationships and create all these memories together.

Photo’s and video’s

We will take our own professional photographer with us. Creating unforgettable memories needs great pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cruise suited for starters? 

Do I need to attend every workshop?

Do we miss a workshop if we do a day trip?

What are my extra costs?

Do I need a credit card?

What is the currency on board?

Is the cruise really all inclusive? 

7 days at sea, isn't that boring?

Is there a meetup before the cruise?

Are there only entrepreneurs on board? 

Can I pay the cruise in a payment plan? 

Can I bring my partner? 

Can I bring my kids?

Is it cold inside the ship?

What happens when I book alone?

Can I book separate and attend the Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise?

How much extra money do I need?

Is it fancy, such a cruise ship?

What happens if I want to cancel?

How is the medical situation on the ship?

More questions answered?

On a monthly base I will be hosting an online ZOOM meeting. Where you can ask all your questions, about the program, the ship, the daily routine, the community, the crossing. Everything that is on your mind and is stopping you from booking. 

“Transformation really is possible!”


I really had to get used to the idea of combining a cruise and business. The moment I realised that I would be on board with likeminded entrepreneurs I said YES!We all shared our stories, I felt listened to and I made a huge mind-shift in setting myself free.

Beate Thiele (Fit for Crazy Goals)

“At least once in your life”


Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, with daily workshops, was a super enriching experience. Thanks to the dedicated programme the cruise was a major inspiration. Jeanet helped me to break through to the next level especially because she showed me that my past, present and future support each other., even in times of disappointment and losses. FreedomEntrepreneur, I so wish you this cruise at least once in your life. Business partners, book together. Those 7 days on the ocean, the world is far away, Wifi is expensive, that is truly unique.

Nel Wagner (Inventor & Accountant (retired))

You are welcome to join us!

We count the days until we embark in Genua ...

Credits for the photos: some of the photos are mine, and some of the photos were shot by Francis Keek. 

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